Plasterboard Letterbox

The Hacketts Plasterboard Letterbox is a quick and easy to install steel gateway that provides easy access for plasterboard and other large sheet material between floors.

Construction Site Plasterboard Letterbox - Carrying large sheet materials within a construction site may prove hazardous, in particular when moving sheet material between floors. Carrying sheet material on stairs can be particularly hazardous as the stairs may also be congested with other trade people.

The Hacketts Large Sheet Material Letterbox provides an easy solution – a narrow gate made of strong steel that is quick and easy to install and quick and easy to remove when redundant. There is no damage to the floor surface enabling a quick patch repair.

Constructed from steel frame with chequered steel door, the Plasterboard and Sheet Materials Letterbox is powder coated and finished in bright red. Stainless Steel Hinges are fitted to allow outside storage without corrosion damage.


  • Manufactured from High Grade Steel Angle

  • Steel chequer plate lid

  • Stainless Steel Hinges to avoid corrosion

  • Powder coated in red as standard

  • Can easily be relocated to a new construction site

  • Independent testing for safe working load to 4 tonnes


  • Outside dimensions 140cm x 17.5cm

  • Opening dimensions 135cm x 12.5cm

  • Installation floor opening 136cm x 13.5cm

  • Weight 10kg

Hacketts Plasterboard Sheet Material Letterbox

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