Hop-up Bracket

Manufactured from high quality steel, the Hacketts Hop-up Scaffold Bracket provides an easy solution to fill tight to the building structure when the scaffold standards are a distance away.

This is very helpful in the case of rendering the elevation as scaffold boards can remain in place during construction but removed during rendering providing greater access for tradesmen.

The standard Hacketts Hop Up Scaffold Bracket (also known as Scaffolding Stage Bracket or Scaffold Platform Bracket) is designed to carry 2 scaffold boards. Alternative products in the range provide capacity for 1, 2 or 3 board widths. Optional tubular top section for use with Youngman Steel Walk (Staging) Boards, SWL - 350kg.


  • Manufactured from High Strength Lightweight Steel - 40mm x 40mm x 3mm Steel RSA

  • Secured with 2 Qty Fully Tested Tube Clamps

  • Standard 2 Board Product Weight 8K

  • Powder Coated in Red as standard, your corporate colours available

 As one of the leading manufacturers in the UK, Hacketts have a comprehensive range of Scaffolding Safety Products available for prompt delivery.

Hacketts Hop-up Bracket

As a quality steel fabricator bespoke items can also be designed and manufactured to your specific requirements – call Hacketts Ltd of Dudley on 01384 240325.